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Star Trek: Voyager: Acts of Contrition book

Star Trek: Voyager: Acts of Contrition. Kirsten Beyer

Star Trek: Voyager: Acts of Contrition

ISBN: 9781476765518 | 352 pages | 9 Mb

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Star Trek: Voyager: Acts of Contrition Kirsten Beyer
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek

Unworthy (In which Voyager leads a new mission back to the Delta Quadrant). Mar 27, 2014 - Simon & Schuster's upcoming Star Trek adventures from April onwards. First, the Voyager/DS9 comm badge we reported on recently is now available from QMx for the low price of $19.95. Death (in the Next Generation novel Before Dishonor) and Star Trek: Destiny. Oct 17, 2013 - A description of tropes appearing in Star Trek Voyager Relaunch. The Captains' Table over the next couple of months will be interviewing Jeff Lang, Greg Cox, John Jackson Millar to discuss their books and will be talking to Margaret Clark the editor of the Star Trek line at Pocket Books. Admiral Kathryn Janeway has now taken command of the Full Circle Fleet. Mar 23, 2014 - Star Trek characters from different eras meeting is nothing new. Mar 26, 2014 - Photo Credit: QMxWhen it rains, it pours, and lately Star Trek merchandise is coming at fans from all sides. Star Trek: Voyager: Acts of Contrition by Kirsten Beyer. Presenting herself as Annika Seven, Voyager's former Borg drone finds herself in the presence of the man she's come to know as a legend through the tales of her own captain. Acts of Contrition (upcoming) Arc Welding: A rather pleasing example with the exploits of Kahless in Full Circle, linking the Voyager Relaunch to the ongoing Klingon saga in interesting ways. The Eternal Tide Janeway returns.

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